For our Team and Everyone, it’s been a pretty tough year so far.

We’ve had very few get togethers, and little opportunity to get out on our Bikes in the Communities we love, talking and listening to people about Mental Health issues. It’s very important for us all to stay engaged with others, no matter what sort of restrictions we are under.

Please make sure you reach out to a Friend, or Support Services if you need to talk or find you need some help. We all want to make sure we get through this period together so we can get back to whatever the Next Normal will be ?
Yes, we Live in unusual times, but one thing that’s for sure is face masks will be part of our Future. For those of us living in Melbourne at the moment, it’s mandatory, but for other it’s a good choice, not only for your health, but for the health of others.


So via a contact (an Old Airforce Buddy in Thailand) we had these Awesome Ride4Life “Mental Health Matters” masks made up for our Supporters. The great thing is these will raise awareness, and let people know you understand, and you care ?

Here’s me modelling one, and yes, I know I shouldn’t give up my day job.

Ride4Life Facemasks
There’s also a small donation included in the price to go towards our Future Projects.
I’ve worn one of these on my exercise outings, they’re light enough to breath through, even when you are doing a bit of a jog – not that I was jogging that much ?

Because they’re so light, you can even wear them over the top of the standard blue disposable masks. I’ve tried that as well, and it’s pretty comfortable for me when moving around or while I’m out on a shopping trip. People who have breathing difficulties with more solid masks may find these are nice and light in comparison, and may just be the thing they are after.

Specs and materials are shown below. We would recommend a wash with some warm water to start, I use a bit of Detol in there as well when I wash mine after use.

Like everything in Life, these masks do come with a Disclaimer: Our masks are made from 100% polyester and are washable and reusable. Please wash the mask before using it for the first time. These masks are not designed to replace any medical grade mask.

facemask2Please remember, masks are not the be all and end all of protection from Covid-19 or any other virus. Please continue to isolate as required, follow social distancing, use sanitiser when it’s offered, and wash your bloody hands !!

Disclaimer aside, they look good, and show you support for our cause.

There is a Buy Now Button, pricing is $15 each plus $5 to cover postage. Numbers are limited but we will get more made if demand exceeds supply.

Stay safe and once again, please make sure you reach out to others or Support services if you need to talk, and if you know someone who may be doing it tough, give ‘em a call. Because sometimes all it takes is a kind word from a Friend to turn a Life around.