The Bendigo ride is run in March each year in conjunction with the Suicide Prevention Awareness Network (SPAN) Walk.  This will be on Sunday, the 19th March.  Keep and eye on this page and subscribe to the newsletter to be sure you don't miss out on registration.

The ride and the SPAN walk work together, but at the same time separately.  The focus of the ride is create conversations around mental health issues and suicide prevention. The registration fees, together with any donations raised, go to support our local Central Victorian Lifeline office. All the nett proceeds of the ride including registrations and donations go direct to Lifeline Central Victoria as beneficiary.  There are costs involved in advertising, promotion and the online registrations.  These are deducted from the amount going to Lifeline.  A full statement of the ride finances will be made available as soon after the ride as possible.

Why not find out more and participate in our next ride?