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Ride4Life will be running their charity rides again this year. From humble beginnings in Bendigo last year we are expanding to Shepparton and Melbourne this year. We run these on the same day as the Bendigo Suicide Prevention Awareness Network walk. This has the effect of combining riders and walkers raising awareness of mental health issues and suicide prevention.

Where Does Your Registration Fee Go?

This is a very important question. There are so many charities around these days  that simply do not disclose where their event money actually goes.  With Ride4Life Charity Ride Events it is very simple.

We charge you a registration fee as a rider and as a pillion.  From this amount there are deductions for PayPal fees and a ride patch as a memento for the ride.

The rest of the registration fee in its totality goes to the nominated charity that the ride is supporting.

The Shepparton ride will provide $1000 seed funding to assist the establishment of a Suicide Prevention Awareness Network (SPAN) in Shepparton with the balance going to Lifeline Central Victoria.  The Bendigo ride will raise money for Lifeline Central Victoria also.  Due to the late start in getting the Melbourne ride organised, it will also raise money for a Lifeline Central Vic project. The project involves one or more Lifeline volunteers being appointed to receive the Ride4Life funding that will fund their training in telephone counselling, mental health first aid and suicide prevention skills.  We do not fund Lifeline administration or anyone else's for that matter.

Do I Have To Register Online?

No, you don't, but there are some good reasons why you should.

  1. Most importantly, your online registration allows us to tell coffee vendors and end destination lunch suppliers our numbers. We would hate to see people missing out on lunch.
  2. We are offering a discount for early bird registration. Even though 100% of your nett registration fee goes to our Lifeline project as detailed above, it will cost you more on the day. If you want to donate more to the Lifeline project, you can do it when you register anyway.

Our Projects

We do not contribute direct to Lifeline itself or the branches as this money could be used for administration.  As a group, we are not interested in raising funds for other people's administration. 

Part of the Shepparton ride project has been explained above.  The balance of Shepparton ride funds and the Bendigo funds will go towards training a specific Lifeline volunteer.  In this way, we can put a face to our fundraising and have that volunteer speak to us and provide information on how their experience with Lifeline is going. The more money we raise, the more volunteers we can potentially fund.

The Melbourne ride funds will also go to the training of a specific Lifeline volunteer with Lifeline Central Vic. This is due to the lateness of organising the Melbourne ride. No doubt they will have organised their own project by next year.

How It Works

Select the ride that suits you to attend and Register for the ride. All rides are run by experienced riders and they are not intended to be a race. We ride in staggered formation wherever possible to keep the group together.  This also means no-one passes the lead rider and remains in the group.

How Can You Help?

  1. Obviously you can ride with us. Links to the registration pages are below.
  2. If you can't ride, you can certainly walk with the SPAN in Bendigo
  3. One thing we would appreciate is if you can share the events on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media to get the word out there and help us raise money for our projects.

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