We are excited to announce that our electonic membership system is now open and we are accepting new members.

The membership fee of $25 will greatly assist our admin efforts and fund things like our accounting software, web presence and programs needed to run the organisation. Initially the membership will run until the 30th June, which is the end of our financial year.

Membership of Ride4Life Inc which gives you a right to vote at general meetings and at the AGM. Also gives you the right to stand for the committee. As a member, you will also be added to the secret Facebook group, "LifeRiders" which is only accessible by members. (Please note: If your Facebook email address is different to your email address on joining, you will need to let us know so we can send the invite to that address.)

After payment, go to the address below and request membership.  We will check your payment against your request and if the name matches you will get access to the Private Members Group.

Price: $25.00