Stop Stigma

Ride4Life has become a signatory to the Stop Stigma campaign initiated through Murray Primary Health Network.

Stigma is a real issue when it comes to mental health and suicide. As a community we need to break these boundaries and openly talk about these subjects. The more we talk about them the more ignorance is beaten. Stigma essentially arises from ignorance. Many people are just not aware of the realities of mental health and suicide. Those of us who have more knowledge in these areas need to help educate these people.


Mental illness is no different to physical illness. But when people don't understand something, they can be fearful of it, particularly when they have seen ridiculous portrayals of mental illness in the movies.

We all need to feel comfortable in talking about mental health issues and suicide both socially and in the workplace. People can't feel threatened that they may lose their job if they disclose a mental health issue. Mental illness is non discriminatory and can affect anyone.

So, ask the questions, advocate for those with issues and let's make our society a much healthier and happier place by dispelling myths.

Read the Stop Stigma Charter. We would encourage you to support the Charter as well and you can do so by visiting Murray PHN.