Ash Lau and Alwyn Roberts, Shepparton Ride Leaders.Members of Ride4Life in the Bendigo area have long had an association with SPAN, (Suicide Prevention Awareness Network). 

SPAN have recently branched out an and established a new chapter in Shepparton.  They will run a walk there to promote awareness of suicide and impress on people the availability of help.  This will be done with an annual walk like in Bendigo plus the other work they do in the area to raise peoples awareness.

Ride4Life have been asked to organise a ride in Shepparton similar to the operation that we have in Bendigo.  Naturally we are thrilled to both continue our association with SPAN and to also extend our presence through rides to raise awareness of mental health issues and suicide prevention. 


Consequently we are pleased to announce the establishment of a ride in Shepparton. The first ride will take place on the 18th March 2018 in conjunction with the SPAN ride and walk in Bendigo.  All of the registration fees from the Shepparton ride will be committed to the Shepparton branch of SPAN to assist them getting established.

Two of our great supporters in the Shepparton area will take on the running of the ride in that town.  Ash Lau and Alwyn Roberts are both very experienced riders and will set the ride route and lead the ride on the day.  All registrations will be handled through this site.

Details are still a little sketchy with regard to routes and timings but this will come together shortly.  No doubt it will be a topic of conversation during our forthcoming Extra Dollop Tour where more planning will be done.

If you would like to run a ride in your town where 100% of the ride registration fees can go to your local mental health charity, then send us an email and start the ball rolling.

(Photo shows the new Shepparton ride leaders Alwyn Roberts left and Ash Lau right.)