At our recent meetings we discussed the membership process. Our secretary James has around 30 membership applications that are being held pending processing and somewhere to put the funds. We do have some exciting news though about how we intend to handle memberships.

We have acquired some software for the website that will handle the complete membership process. People will be able to apply online for membership of the Association. We anticipate that payment will be able to be made via eWay, PayPal or direct deposit once we get these things set up.

Once approved as a member you will get access to areas of the website that the public will not see.  This will include an area where the minutes of meetings are filed and also the financial reports of the Association.  There will also be a full members list that will put you in touch with other members wherever they may be.

Renewals will be issued automatically each year and invoiced. This will significantly reduce the processing by committee members and be a great time saver.

We would love to be in a position to offer members some special benefits. If you are connected with an organisation that might be interested in recognising the work our members do in the cause of mental health and suicide prevention, then let us know.

As soon as we have the payment systems in place we will be launching the new system. Make sure you are subscribed to the Newsletter so you don't miss any news about what is happening.

In the meantime, you can still download an Application for Membership and we will handle process it manually.