02FRPatchWe intimated on the Facebook page about the possibility of making a FarRide a bit of a social ride in February.

This FarRide is on and is now open for Registrations. It costs nothing to be a FarRider nor anything to register to go on a FarRide. You can't "join" FarRiders, you can only become one by completing an actual FarRide.

There are a few FarRiders known to people who are members of our Facebook page such as Ash Lau, Phil Lemin, Jo Fisher, Frank Belmore, Kerrie Belmore, Ric Raftis, Laurie Park and probably some others I can't recall off the top of my head.

This ride is to Mt Beauty on the 18th February. Full details of the ride and what is involved are on the FarRiders website.  You will see the list of FarRides and you need to click on the one for East #43 to Mt Beauty. It's the second one on the list. 

The links to register, (and you must register for recognition of your ride and for catering purposes), are on that page. They are not that easy to see as they are all in white until hovered over and turn red, but are on the page with the heading "Registering - What To Do Now". Instructions should be quite clear if you aren't already a FarRider to complete your registration on the site.

After you have registered, place a note in the comments here to let others know you are coming along for the ride.  If you want to know more about FarRides then talk to any of the people listed above. You will find FarRiders a very friendly bunch who are more than happy to help out.